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Updated December 12, 2013
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rel·i·quar·y / noun / a container for holy relics

Reliquary is a new base series in development which I hope to have totally completed by my birthday at the end of May.

I had thought about releasing sets with Kickstarter but I decoded against it as frankly I don't want to mess around with Kickstarter
even though I know I could probably sell more sets with it in the long run the management of running one is just to much hassle right now.
So, I'm going to start releasing the sets here and hope that I get orders on them to help me expand the range.

Money from the sale of base sets will go towards my costs for sculpting, molding, painting and so on.

It takes around $1500-2000.00 to bring out a complete base range of every base sized needed from 25 mm up to 160 mm and everything in between.

You can watch the progress of this set in development in a couple places.

You can follow me on



32 mm Base Set

32 mm Round Base
Set One (1)
Package of 10
10 for $15.00

60 mm Base Set

60 mm Round Base
Set One (1)
Package of 1
1 for $5.00


Gaming bases cast in Urethane resin.

All bases sold Unpainted, some assembly may be required.

Contains small parts. Not for Children under 3 years of age.