Latest Update - July 21,2021

2021 Orders as of today

Currently is no order back log.
I am processing orders as they come in :)

July 21, I have 4 orders remaining from June to process.

June 30, 107 orders were shipped for June

July 21, 68 orders have been shipped so far in July



April 20, 2021- Update on Corona Virus Covid-19 I am still working as normal as I work from a safe place by myself. I will ship 1-2 times a week . If you have any concerns email me but have confidence things are going smoothly here. Thanks-Jeff

About Orders
If you are concerned about an order please email me at

If you are missing an order placed before March of 2021 please contact me so I can figure it out. I have many orders that have been returned to me and I can't find the owner.

When you place an order with me, you will receive a conformation e-mail from Pay Pal. Please consider the e-mail from Pay Pal a conformation I have your order

At the same time I will also get one from Pay Pal. I've never not received an order placed with me.

I do not have an automated conformation e-mail system to send you an e-mail stating I have received your order.

When your order is shipped you will receive a shipping notice to the email address provided by you on your Pay Pal receipt. Please make sure it is current and up to date

Covid-19 has caused dificulties during the pandemic with deliveries but I am working daily to get orders shipped.

International orders are taking longer than normal depending on some countries.

Since their are still no or not many international passenger flights from the USA, mail has to move in different ways. Some times orders will sit in dispatch clearing centers until it can find a ride to your country. Please be patient everything I have shipped since march has gotten through. In the case of many countries, its is almost back to normal.

Your continued support helps me get this done and bring out more new exciting products to you.

Thank you,