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New Releases for January 29, 2022

Today I added new items to the store.
Blank-50 50 mm Solid Blanks with Bevel Edge
Blank-50H 50 mm Hollow Blanks with Bevel Edge

New Cobblestone Base Sets
I’m bringing back the Cobblestone Base series starting with some new sculpted sets.
RBCOB-C40B Cobblestone 40 mm Base Set Two (2)
RBCOB-C50A Cobblestone 50 mm Base Set One (1)
RBCOB-C50B Cobblestone 50 mm Base Set Two (2)
RBCOB-C80B Cobblestone 80 mm Base Set Two (2)

I will start bringing back some of the older sets after I clean up the masters and make new production molds.

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New releases coming soon!

I’ve been working on new base sets and will start releasing things soon. What it is yet is a big secret!

OK, it’s not that big of a Secret! I will soon start relisting the Cobblestone with bevel edge range with new designs.
I will also be cleaning up the old base masters and remolding them.

Stay tuned, I’m really excited about the new bases I have designed.

Other news, I continue to work my way through the back log of orders I accumulated because I took some time
Off for the holidays. Last week I put 42 orders in the mail and I hope to accomplish something similar by the end of the month. January is always a time of the year I get a little behind but I will catch up soon.

OK, it’s late. Time for bed. Busy day ahead tomorrow.


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Back To Work

I keep forgetting to use this and post here.

After about a week off for the Holidays I have returned to work this week.

I am casting/processing orders daily.

I will ship two times per week for the time being. Mondays and Thursdays.

Currently working on finishing a few larger “Black Friday” orders and working on Decembers orders.

Current in-house order number is 62

Orders shipped so far in January is 19