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Az-Tech is Back!

Well It really didn’t go anywhere, I’m just taking some time to update it a bit with new better images

Ive also added a 180 mm Az-Tech sun calendar in the Diorama Details section.

You can find the Az-Tech Range here.

Az-Tech is Back! New Releases

Painted Az-Tech Sun Calendar

Painted with Monument Hobbies Pro Acryl Paint

Black Primer

Sprayed with Pro Acryl Dark Bronze

Washed with Pro Acryl Green Oxide

Drybrush with Pro Acryl Bronze

Final highlight Drybrush with Pro Acryl White Gold

Quick and simple but effective.

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Painting Sanctuary in Sandstone colors

Painting Sanctuary in Sandstone Colors

I painted up some my new Sanctuary Oval Base Sets in Sandstone colors.

These are the steps I took , as always results may vary but this is how I achieved it.

Unless otherwise noted, all colors are by Monumental Hobbies Pro Acryl (MPA) range and Games Workshop Citadel Colour (CC) range.

1. Once the base had been cleaned and washed and dried, I applied a Gray Primer. I usually airbrush primer and base colors but I was lazy and used a rattle can for the primer.

2. Once dry I applied by brush a base coat MPH Golden Brown to cover the entire base.

3. Once the base coat was fully dry, I applied a very thin wash of MPA Burnt Sienna to give a slight reddish tone.

4. One dry, I used CC Agrax Earthshade to pin wash all the cracks/lines in between the the stones.

5. Once dry, I dry brushed the entire base with MPA Khaki followed by a lighter drybrush of MPA Pale Yellow.

6. The final color was a very light dry brush of CC Screaming Skull to pick out some edges.

A small grass tuft was added in the rubble area.

The edge was painted with CC Steel Legion Drab.

This pretty much sums it up. You could change the tone of the color by using a different wash color. Trying a purple, blue or even green tones could work.

* I’ve edited this post a few time as I try and perfect the recipe so keep checking back as I may have more edits.

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Painting the New Lost Empires bases

Painting the New Lost Empires bases New Releases

I painted up some of the new Lost Empires base sets. While I chose to paint them in a yellowing sandstone like colors like a desert environment you can paint them any way you choose. The bases in the image were painted with these colors.

Applied with an airbrush.
Stynylrez SNR-404 Red Brown Primer
Minitaire D6-124-2 Amber

Applied with a brush a wash of
Citadel Colour Contrast Skeleton Horde
Citadel Colour Shade Agrax Earthshade

Mig AMMO 1.MIG-901 Dunkelbelb Dark Base
Mig AMMO A.MIG-0617 Medium German Yellow Dio Drybrush Paint
Mig AMMO A.MIG-0616 Light Sand Dio Drybrush Paint

Round red Stones were painted with Pro Acryl Burnt Sienna

Base edges were oainted with Citadel Colour Base Steel Legion Drab

Dead Grass Tufts were added to random bases for some extra variety.

Pretty quick and simple way to paint up a set of bases like this. I probably spent more time cleaning the airbrush and waiting for washes to dry than actual painting.

Lost Empires work well with Warhammer 40K armies like Aeldari (Eldar) or any of the other armies from the game.