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October 25, 2016

Dragon Forge Design News!
rder News And More
Orders currently being worked on


I updated my Orders shipping status page with more information.

I am working hard to clear the backlog of orders. Everyday I cast and ship as many orders as I can possibly do. I'm literally working 6-7 days a week to get stuff out the door.

Your continued support helps me get this done and bring out more new exciting products to you.

If you are currently waiting on an order or thinking about placing an order please read.

Any questions or concerns feel free to address them to me directly

Thank you,

Jeff Wilhelm


New for 2016

Ancient Ruins

3 New sets
32 mm Ancient Ruins
32 mm Ancient Ruins Hero set
60 mm Tech-Tomb Ancient Ruins- Limited edition

Urban Rubble
12+ New Base sets

50 mm Urban Rubble Set of 3 bases
55 mm Urban Rubble Set One
55 mm Urban Rubble Set Two
80 mm Urban Rubble Set One
60 mm x 35 mm Urban Rubble Set One
70 mm x 45 mm Urban Rubble Set One
70 mm x 45 mm Urban Rubble Set Two
70 mm x 45 mm Urban Rubble Set Three
90 mm x 55 mm Urban Rubble Set One
90 mm x 55 mm Urban Rubble Set Two

105 mm x 70 mm Urban Rubble Set One
105 mm x 70 mm Urban Rubble Set Two

130 mm Urban Rubble Set One


Added 26 sets on New Ice World II bases
Addes Objectives

Ice World II is complete
Added the Ice Walls


Added 10 New Base Sets to Tech-Deck
Funded by Kickstarter


Added 13 new Sanctuary Base sizes to the store
its a complete range now with all Base sizes.

Desecrated Lands- Round Lip Base
New Round lip base series with all base sizes
30 mm,40 mm,50 mm,80 mm and 120 mm diameter bases


Now Taking Pre-Orders on NECROSE-XIII SETS


April 27, 2016 Continue to cast and ship orders out. As many as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns please E-mail me

I added a new terrain item to the store. A crate wall barricade set.
Check it out here

April 29, 2016 Shipped out the last 2015 orders
Casting more January and February orders

May 3, 2016 shipping another large batch orders

Check out the Goth-Walls added to the Terrain page

May 3, 2016 3 new items added to store
RBGT-062 - 170 mm Oval Base Goth-Tech "Clock Work" Set Three 1 for $22.50
RBBW-056 - 90 mm X 55 mm Oval Base Broken Wasteland Set One 1 for $7.00
RBBW-057 - 90 mm X 55 mm Oval Base Broken Wasteland Set Two 1 for $7.00

May 8, 2016 Added Crate Stack- Set One to store in the Terrain Page

May 12 shipped 60+ orders in the last 3 days
May 13 Shipped 10 orders
May 14 Shipped 12 orders
May 16 Shipped 28 Orders that were done over the weekend.

May 19 Added the Lost - Forgotten Empires Obelisk to the store


8/28 Shipping Orders Daily


If you have any questions about a placed order in house or a new order PLEASE EMAL ME dragonforge email link


Thanks Jeff

A special thanks to those who have supported me with orders :))

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Shipping Rates
Effective August 20, 2015



$0.01-10.00 for $3.50
$10.01-$30.00 for $5.00
$30.01-$100.00 for $6.50
$100.01-$150.00 for $12.00

$150.01 and up $15.00


$0.01 - 10.00 = $6.00
$10.01 - $30.00 = $9.00
$30.01 - $100.00 = $12.00
$100.01 - $199.99 = $22.75

$200.00 and up $27.50

Rest of World

$0.01 - 10.00 = $6.00
$10.01 - $30.00 = $12.50
$30.01 - $100.00 = $21.50
$100.01 - $199.99 = $30.00

$200.00 and up for $35.00

On January 17, 2016
Shipping rates went up
20-22% on all shipping domestic and international.. Rate increases reflect this.
I do not pad my prices with shipping costs.



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