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Bases for The Old World Warhammer Fantasy Battle

I have been asked will I do bases for the new upcoming game The Old World. The short answer is Yes. Technically I already do. I have a small range of square base themed senic bases in production. You can find them here

Games Workshop has yet to release a complete list of all base sizes used including new sizes yet.

I do know they have announced 2 new sizes so far.
30 mm x 60 mm
40 mm x 60 mm
and they have said that all rank and file troops will now be on 25 mm square bases.

Will their be more? one could assume so but untill the information is released I’m not even speculating.

I’m in the process of getting blanks tooled up for me to sculpt on for the two new sizes and as others are release I will add them to.

Will I do new ranges? This will depend on demand and how well the game does. Saying so I’d like to do something that fits the Tomb Kings theme.

Picture for your viewing pleasure, this is a 100 mm x 100 mm Square Cobblestone Streets base.

Bases for The Old World Warhammer Fantasy Battle